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Welcome to Vision Care Center, P.C.


Roger Fitch, OD

Timothy Cundiff, OD




4900 North Glen Park Place, Suite C

Peoria, IL 61614
Phone: 309-691-4500

Mission Statement: To serve Central Illinois by providing the most complete eye care experience in a friendly, family atmosphere.



Vision Care Center welcomes patients of all ages from young children to seniors. Our goal is to provide you with the most accurate and comfortable vision possible through careful examination in a relaxed atmosphere. Dr. Roger W. Fitch has advanced training in diagnosing and treating eye teaming problems, tracking deficits, motion sickness, and visual perceptual difficulties. Dr. Timothy G. Cundiff has trained with Dr. Fitch since 2002. We analyze every aspect of your eyes and visual system. Areas we work with are as follows:

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  • Vision therapy is available for all ages and patients

  • To maximize performance in school for our young patients

  • Visual rehabilitation to regain lost abilities after traumatic brain injury (TBI), stroke and motor vehicle accidents

  • To reduce motion sickness and light sensitivity problems

  • We utilize special equipment to evaluate exactly what your eyes are doing while you read

  • If you skip words or lines, reread lines, or just take a long look at each word, find out more about our Eye Exam and Vision Therapy

  • Sports Vision training for improved timing and peripheral vision for athletes

  • Our optical department features a wide variety and selection of eyewear and sunglasses from some of the world's top fashion designers

  • To reduce eyestrain from Computer Vision Syndrome for office workers

  • The latest technology of Contact lenses for patients with dry eye problems

  • Gas permeable rigid lenses for exceptional vision -- (Dr. Fitch has fit over 3,000 patients with these lenses)

  • Non-surgical alternatives to Lasik surgery

  • Treatment and management of ocular diseases, including glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration,
    dry eye syndrome, pink eye, diabetic eye disease, and more.

  • Eyecare services for patients in long-term care facilities and rehab centers

There's more to healthy vision than 20/20 eyesight!
Learn more about symptoms of visual problems which
affect reading, learning, school and sports success.